Petit Capucin (3693m) - Eastface (Gervasutti)

9.8.2004 (Quiryn, Yannick, Nico and Rahel)

Panorama of Dent du Géant from Glacier du Géant


Dent du Géant


View from the tent on Glacier du Géant


On the way to Petit Capucin:
Poor Northface of Tour Ronde ...


Yannick, Quiryn and Nico
at the access to Petit Capucin
Gervasutti route


Peparing for the route






After the couloir


Short before the rain


Retreat due to rain ...


Panorama of Pyramide du Tacul with Aiguille du Midi in the background




Nico and Yannick


End of the trip


A very happy group ... :-)


All photos © Copyright by Rahel Maria Liu